Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vick: I Miss Dogs! Dogs: Go Fuck Yourself!

I was flipping through the September issue of GQ, (mainly because I would like to dry-hump Mark Sanchez's face) when I came across this photo of Michael Vick.

"I miss dogs, man," he says. "I always had a family dog growing up.
I want a dog for the sake of my kids."
The article is basically a four-page jizzfest, where Vick laments, in shirtless, tattooed glory, that he is in fact, a changed man.

As a football fan, I could care less about Vick, but as an animal-lover, I can't help but be slightly appalled that he's being celebrated again. I understand that he served his time, but I can't fully believe that this man who was taking part in dog-fighting (for what? the fun of it? he didn't need money) has been rehabilitated because he spent some time in prison and did some work with The Humane Society. 

But then again, I'm a judgmental, paranoid person, who believes that people change not because of force but because of choice. 

So what do you think? Has Michael Vick changed? Should he be able to be a dog owner? Or should my puppy, Zeusface Killah, be allowed to give him a poor-man's vasectomy.


Bonnie said...

Michael Vick can suck my dick....hey that

well if I had one that is.....hell no that man should never be allowed an animal...ever...not even a rat

Allie said...

Love it, Bonnie! He can suck my big, make-believe dick, too!

Nicky said...

Vick needs to be chained up and starved ... What a fucking idiot why is he talking about dogs how stupid can you be STFU and talk about football the only thing ur good at in life and leave the puppy's out of it ... I don't understand why he'd want to be in a mag talking about puppies!! That's like Casey Anthony doing a commercial for babies r us!

Allie said...

Lmao @ the Casey Anthony comment! Maybe she'd be interested.

Cafe.Coffee.Latte said...

Hello Hello I Love this post, I'm in a fantasy team this year (first time) and Honestly I think Vick should be more worried about warming his bench seat this preseason then owning a puppy. I feel the same way about choices and forced to do things for "punishment". I also agree with Bonnie "not even a rat"!! I back you up sista!

Allie said...

C.C.L.- I would love to see him warm that bench. I've always thought he was an overrated player.

Here's to Vick being puppy-less and play-less.

Woody said...

Wow, I think dogs are about the last thing Vick should be talking about, he needs a new PR guy. What a douche.

Cafe.Coffee.Latte said...