Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lolita: 2011 Edition

Not creepy. Nope, not at all.
"Are you fucking kidding me?"

This is what I want to ask to the mom of 10-year-old girl, Thylane Blondeau, who posed like this in French Vogue.

"Are you high off your ass? Seriously, have you been licking a cactus, you crazy bitch?"

This is what I wanted to ask her when I read statements like this, which basically states that she doesn't see what the big deal is.

"I'm going to have a back-alley tubal ligation."

Which is what I'm going to do to make sure I don't have a little girl. Between this and "Toddlers and Tiaras" my ovaries are going to explode.

"Glad Warren Jeffs is in prison."

Well, that one is pretty self explanatory.


Anonymous said...

Bat shit crazy ... Bat shit fucking crazy is what that 10 yr olds mom is ... Child endangerment is what that is ... And the most bat shit crazy mom award goes to... Oh wait Casey Anthony still holds that one... But when they find this girl in a trunk it's all on her mom I'm just sayin. I need 2 sleep I don't even think this makes sence and I wrote it! Gnight

Rizzy said...

Those pictures made me shiver. I don't want to see a half naked model, I sure as hell don't want to see a half naked 10 year old. She should be enjoying things kids her age her age are doing, not going to fittings. They should totally make people take a psyhcological test before having kids.

BlackLOG said...

Allie I fear you might be missing the point, isn’t it the poor bunnies that are being exploited in the picture*. It starts with a few innocent shots of them – then before they know what’s hit them they are being marketed as rampant rabbits being forced into crevices that no self respecting bunny should ever have to explore….

* At least this exploitation keeps her off the streets, preventing her from robbing, looting, chucking Molotov cocktails (at that age one can only hope that they are of the non alcoholic variety) and generally doing whatever else rioters do …oh wait you’re in America, I forget it’s only British kids that are out their destroying their own community…

Allie said...

Anon- I think Batshit fucking crazy should have been the name of this post.

Rizzy- I'm with you. I felt like I needed to grow. A skeevy mustache and drive a van before even looking at these pictures.

BlackLOG- Maybe more British parents need to start whoring their kids out, that way the kids won't have to loot. They'll have their own money to buy stuff and eventually start a coke addiction with.

Tiffani said...

That is crazy. Toddlers and Tiaras gives me the creeps, and this is just ridiculous. Some people should not be allowed to parent. Seriously.

Allie said...

Tiffani- I've tried to watch it and can't. It feels like softcore kiddie porn, plus I want to punch every single toddler featured in the face.

ellis drake said...

hey guys I live in france- and its normal for younger girls to walk around with just shorts its seen as being beautiful- I mean I used too, its not that big of a deal to see a girl walking around the streets with just a pair of shorts and a loose shirt- I mean when they get older its not okay- SO chill out, I used to dress just like that- so did all my freinds when I was like 7, and btw I'm 17.. I mean 10 may be a little old for this but it is a typical thing in france, your just looking at it from a american point of view.