Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Surprise Time! A Country Singer Doesn't like Obama

I guess Hank Williams Jr. went on Fox & Friends yesterday morning to compare President Obama to Hitler or Tiger Woods or something. Take a look.

Question. Why are we asking this dude his opinion about politics. He looks like the fucking shoe bomber and is wearing sunglasses indoors. This should automatically disqualify you from talking about anything other than the best way to beat your common-law wife. 

This is ridiculous even for you, Fox & Friends. What's next? Are we going to ask Taylor Swift for an exit strategy for Afghanistan? Willy Nelson about the legalization of marijuana? Well, that one actually makes sense.

Listen F&F, I understand that reputable political commentators avoid FNC like the receiving end of Marcus Bachmann's gloryhole, but that doesn't mean you should ask any random white person what they think about the 2012 GOP-nominees. That's not responsible journalism. Not even for you guys. 

Oh, and Hank, Hitler was a fascist. Look that word up and get back with me.

Then, Urban Dictionary the word douchecanoe.


BlackLOG said...

The only saving grace for the show was that Hank Williams Jr didn’t sing… What is it with you Americans naming your sons after their lame fathers and then following them in their profession.

As for Hitler the only thing that would have made him worse is if he had sung country & Western as a side line. Let’s face it the world suffered enough what with his genocidal tendencies and constant flatulence (leaving him with a bigger carbon footprint than a whole herd of cattle and that’s without taking into account blitzkrieg and face it those panzer tanks were hardly economic to run….), imagine if he had released hundreds of depressing albums and forced everyone to listen to them…..

Shane Pilgrim said...



What, did he just channel the ghost of Bill O' Reilly or something? Oh wait...never mind. My wishful thinking is showing again.

Congratulations, Hank Williams Jr. and Fox News. Although all of you claim to be patriots, momentarily you have just made me ashamed to be an American. Way to go.


Allie said...

BlackLog- There is not much I can say except I love you.

Shane- I know, Shane, sometime our "commentators" make me want to scream "we're not all like this I swear."

BlackLOG said...

Allie said...
BlackLog- There is not much I can say except I love you.
You say that but you don’t visit, you don’t write – I had to sell our love children because they kept whining all the time “When’s Allie coming to visit”
Don’t worry I found a good home for them but for the sake of decency I wouldn’t have a Macdonald’s for the next couple of months….

It is just as well you are courteous to your guests (and a bloody entertaining blogger to boot) otherwise I would be applying for a bloggervorce”

Allie said...

I'm glad you got rid of those kids. I didn't want those little bastards anyway.

The Randomist said...

"On August 8, 1975, Williams was nearly killed in a mountain-climbing accident. While he was climbing Ajax Peak in Montana, the snow beneath Williams collapsed and he fell almost 500 feet onto solid rock. He suffered multiple skull and facial fractures--his face was split vertically from chin to hairline, exposing the frontal lobes of his brain and requiring over two years of reconstructive surgeries to rebuild his face. To hide the scars and the disfigurement from the accident, Williams grew a beard and began wearing sunglasses and a cowboy hat. The beard, hat, and sunglasses have since become his signature look and he is rarely seen without them."

Explains everything.

Of course Fox News would get political commentary from the man that broke a 500 foot fall with his face.

Luda said...

Did you just use 'Urban Dictionary' as a verb? I think I'm in love with you.