Thursday, July 12, 2012

Today Class, We Will be Watching an Educational Video.

My friend and former college radio co-host is in town from grand ol' Washington D.C. for the weekend. In celebration of our short-term reunion, we're going to get wasted-face on $1 beers while watching cute boys run around bases and shit.

It's gonna be a blast.

However since I'm not a very professional blogger, I didn't pre-write my Sexytime Thursday advice post. 

[Cue hysterical cries.]

Calm down, kiddos, I have the next best thing. A professional giving qualified sex advice and looking super creepy while doing it!

If you want to bang anything after watching this video, you deserve a fucking medal.


P.S. If after watching this you're all like, "Oh, that was horrible. I'd rather take my sex advice from that chick who makes my latte." Write to me at You will remain anonymous.


Charcoal Renderings said...

Oh my god. I literally just watched this video YESTERDAY because it randomly showed up in one of those "recommended" queues (don't judge, I don't know why), and it is beyond freaky that you are posting about it today. Also the whole thing makes me nervous. All of it. I feel like I have to cover my eyes, and I'm not really sure why. ::shivers::

Becky said...

I feel bad for the guy. Not only is this random person telling him not to have sex, which establishes closeness for him, his wife is jumping up and down excited and he's supposed to be supportive. What?

I love Dr. Berman's advice, but she is a little creepy to watch.

Cherie said...

Kelly seems like an idiot. Props to her husband for actually agreeing to go on this thing. He should be rewarded with a million blowjobs, but let's face it, he probably won't get them.

Allie said...

Charcoal Renderings- I think this means we are cosmically connected. This might get a little weird.

Also, I feel the same way. Watching someone talk about their lack of sexual satisfaction, is like watching a kid find out there's no Santa Claus.

Becky- Yeah, he definitely seems like he's not as thrilled with the experience.

And I think I'm mainly thrown off by Dr. Bergman's frosty pink lipstick. I feel like I'm listening to my 13-year-old cousin talk about a "defunct clitoris".

Cherie- Yeah, we should start a blow job fund for poor Dash, mainly because his name is Dash and that's gotta be tough.