Sunday, July 22, 2012

George Costanza Takes us to School.

Tonight I read one of the most thoughtful pieces I've seen about gun control since Friday's shooting in Colorado.

Also, it just so happens to be a tweet penned by George Costanza, or Jason Alexander as he probably prefers to be called. Either way, it's a good read--no matter what your opinion is on the subject.

Jason Alexander on Gun Violence

My thoughts and prayers are with anyone who may have been affected by this senseless act of violence.

I'll be back on Tuesday to blog about things that matter far less than this. 


Ally Gregory-Moore said...

I completely agree with him. I hate the argument "well if we ban guns we should ban cars too" Cars aren't designed to kill people. Guns are. End of story.

Charcoal Renderings said...

George Costanza knows where it's at!

Personally, I think it strange that we require people to take tests in order to get a driver's license, and that we don't require any kind of proof of skill for people purchasing guns. You just have to clear your background check. I kind of feel like gun ownership should be handled the way we do our cars--you have to renew your license, every year you have to update your tag, and as long as you are being safe and using the car in a conscientious manner and not using it to hurt others--you get to keep your license and stay on the roads! I think that makes total sense for guns. It will weed out the people who purchase guns for no reason other than to have them, since they'll have to do a practical to demonstrate knowledge of how to use it, and those that do pass will have a more informed file that can be referenced if necessary. Not to mention if you really want to own a gun, you won't mind renewing your license every so often. Hunter's have to do that for their hunting licenses anyway.

I'm not arguing whether or not guns should be sold to civilians at all--if you want to have one, then okay, at least prove you're smart enough to use it wisely and not kill people with it. I just find it strange that it's so simple to get your hands on these weapons, and yet there's zero regulation for the life of the gun permit. (that I know of, anyway)
So that's my two cents. Whooo.