Monday, July 25, 2011

Why Do You Blog?

On Blogger Buzz the following question was posed: Why do you blog? As I read through the chosen answers, I noticed something. People take this SERIOUSLY. And no I don't mean, “I heard people can make some money from this shit” seriously. I mean...

“Main reason: creative writing outlet. Aux reasons: counteract stereotypes/preconceived ideas abt Pakistan, Pakistanis, & Islam :)” (@desigurrl)

“I started blogging after a near death experience to create a legacy for my three young children.” (@FrillyHills)

Those were just a couple of the highlighted reasons, and I feel bad for even including them on a blog most people find while looking for barista porn. I mean, someone created a blog after they almost died. I created a blog because I serve coffee to people who wear dirty wifebeaters and believe that a sick mullet will get you pussy.

But I guess for every person who blogs in hopes to improve the world, there has to be someone who blogs because they weren't hugged enough as a kid.

So @Blogger Buzz, I thought I'd answer your question. I blog because people laugh when I tell them I majored in print journalism. I blog because I work customer service and have to smile for 10 hours a day. But most importantly, I blog because I heard people can make some money from this shit.


A Beer for the Shower said...

Just a warning. If you're using Google Adsense, they'll just delete your account without any rhyme or reason as you're about to cash out your first check. Look it up. It's happened to everyone, including us. They delete your account for 'suspicious activity' and ours happened 1 day before we were eligible to cash out. It's a scam. I recommend looking elsewhere to make money.

Anyways, we blog because we love blogging. Money be damned, it's a great creative outlet. And hey, if we get famous one day from publishing a book, it's a great way to get our names out there even more.

Allie said...

Really? Wow! Thanks for letting me know. I guess I'm an idiot for assuming that they would know I was joking.

Anyways, thanks for the comment. I love your blog. You guys are hysterical.