Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Don't Hate My Job, Per Se

Most of the time I use this blog as an outlet to vent about the trials of customer service. In fact, it was born from a frustration that comes when people wearing sleeveless "Git-R-Done" t-shirts ask if you are retarded.

Although, I've been thinking lately (since I learned my boss found my blog) that I might be giving a bad impression. You might have been led to believe that I hate my job, which couldn't be further from the truth. I know my nearly-incoherent, anger-fueled ramblings rate on the batshit-crazy Richter scale right underneath Tea-Party member, but to be honest, I've been emotionally unstable long before I learned to make a dry cappuccino (I'll tell you guys about my parents later).

So I decided to combat this negative perception by listing a few reasons why I love my job.

  1. Health Insurance, Bitches! I get coverage for part-time work and with my love of NyQuil and deep-rooted childhood issues, it won't be long before I need some Lohan-style rehab.
  2. My company makes it a point to embrace diversity in every form. And you know what that means... Yep, I get to work with a drag queen.
  3. A lot of my customers are lovely, kind people, who I love to interact with. They will roll their eyes with me when one of the "git-r-done guys" questions my competency.
  4. Free Coffee. Nothing funny. Just awesome.
  5. Material. This shit writes itself.
Now, see guys I don't hate my job. It's a wonderful place. And if my boss is reading this, I want to let you know I respect you're authority and will stop calling people fucktards while they are in ear shot.

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