Friday, December 9, 2011

Help! I'm Hard to Please

Hi Allie,

Wow! I feel special! I never thought I would have the good fortune of getting your sex advice about how to have sex with my doctor and her large breasted assistant. Now I have a plan!

I never realized that women were so insightful and caring and willing to have sex just to fulfil my fantasies! Cool.

One thing I forgot to mention (and it may take all of your sex therapist powers)... how do I get them to have sex with each other first?

Thank you,
Nameless male with impossible fantasies.

Persistant little bastard, isn't he? 

For those of you unfamiliar with NMWIF, he wrote in last week eager to get some hot, albeit make believe, sex with his huge-breasted doctor and office manager. I gave him excellent advice on how to get these women to have sex with him. You can find it here.

But I think my pain threshold for pretend advice has reached its limit, so I'm leaving it up to you guys. 

How can NMWIF get his doctor and her office manager to have sex with each other? Feel free to make the advice horrible, embarrassing, and likely to get our little fella arrested. 

Make me proud, kiddos!


MonsteRawr said...

Chloroform? Wait, do they also have to pretend to enjoy it?

Never mind.

Britt said...

Go into the office and profess your deep-rooted fear of rejection and judgment that has been in place ever since your father refuses to acknowledge your skill of hypnosis.

Explain that you always believed yourself to be talented at hypnosis and thanks to your father you're giving up on your dream.
Be sure to add you only work with groups of 2.

Once Office Manager has entered the picture, ensure she is aware of your crippling need for reassurance of your career choice.

Proceed to 'hypnotize' them to have sex with each other. They'll pity your inability to hypnotize people and will give you a grant ol' pity fuck à la three-way.

Works every time.

Allie said...

You ladies make me proud!