Friday, June 24, 2011

Nothing says NPR like a Foul-Mouthed Barista

When I'm not busy making coffee for douchenozzle customers, I'm interning for NPR. Don't seemed so shocked, I told you I wasn't really a barista. Jesus, why don't you guys listen!

Anywho, my internship has its own set of problems, mainly, I don't get paid. Everyone keeps telling me that it is worth it just for the experience and ability to make contacts. Although, I'm pretty sure those people are fucking liars. Especially since about four hours into my first day of interning I came to the realization that I'm not exactly the "public-radio" type. Did you know that professionals tend to frown on casual anal sex talk? What the hell am I supposed to talk about then? The Weather? The new GOP presidential hopeful? Why don't I just stab myself in the eye with a hot fork?

However, I only have about a month left and after that comes GRADUATION! I'm basically positive that this much-anticipated ceremony will only signify my start to being one of the most overly-qualified baristas to ever make a latte, but I'm cool with it. At least my current co-workers are more than happy to hear with me talk about illegal sex acts, and in a way, that makes all the douchenozzle customers worth it.

Now, off to work I go.

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