Monday, August 12, 2013

Rush Limbaugh Calls Oprah Fat and Everyone is Really Confused.

Rush Limbaugh, the svelte, sexual creature that he is, suggested that maybe Oprah was not the target of racism on her recent trip to Switzerland--but sizeism.

LIMBAUGH: Maybe, it's because The Oprah
 is fat!... Don't most people think the the obese
 are poor and stupid? Where do you see fat people?
You see them at places where things don't cost very much.

Watch the Limbaugh video HERE.

Okay, so just so we're clear. This guy...

called this woman fat?

And my reaction was something like this...


Because that shit just doesn't make any sense. 

Besides the very obvious fact that Rush Limbaugh hasn't seen his feet (or penis) in years, his silly ass is trying to fuck with Oprah.


She's seen God. Hell, they text.

She's all, "What's up, G-Money?" And God's all, "O! You're my favorite. When you get up here we're going to get married."

Seriously though, doesn't he know that this is not the woman to mess with. She could buy him. Or at least make him disappear. Which I would be totally okay with--just in case you're reading, Oprah!

But what bothers me more than anything, is that this guy, who looks like a coked-out puffer fish, thinks he has any room to criticize any woman's appearance. He thinks he has the right to invalidate her experience. To suggest what she felt wasn't about her race. It was about her waistline.

Oh, if only Oprah had a Tumblr-inspired thigh gap this wouldn't have happened.

Thanks for pointing that one out, Rushie. But one question ...

Who in the fuck do you think you are?

This is Oprah. One time she gave, like, 100 strangers cars. The only thing you've ever given to anyone, is some poor hooker a broken rib from being underneath you--and probably herpes.

But me and Oprah--we're going to let this one go.

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