Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Message to Self-Proclaimed Grammar Nazis

Hello friends,

I have a question. Is it just me or are self-proclaimed Grammar Nazis becoming more prevalent?

I feel like I can't get on Facebook, or Pinterest, or YouTube, or any of the other sites that occupy far too much of my life, without seeing a person do something like this.

Or this.

Congratulations! You have grammatical skills rivaling any child coming out of elementary school. That does not make you a Grammar Nazi. It barely makes you a Grammar Mall Cop.

Take that nonsense elsewhere.

Just because most people are idiots, does not mean that you are a genius for tackling the most basic form of grammar.

No one thinks, "looks like I'll be kissing cancer goodbye, cause homeboy who knows how to properly use a possessive will obviously be curing that shit in no time!"

It just doesn't matter that much. And you kind of look like as asshole--an asshole who is super freaking proud that they've mastered the grammatical equivalent of not shitting yourself. 

Listen, I'm not bad-mouthing anyone for thinking they're intellectually superior than a vast majority of the population -- hell, I've created a blog on that premise alone, but maybe we should take the self-praise down a notch. I mean, we all have our flaws.

If you asked me to do fourth-grade math, I would literally break out in a cold sweat. I can't do long division without a calculator and three Asians.

And that's my cross to bear.

I'm just saying, maybe we should relax with the whole passive-aggressive, grammar-correcting thing and instead focus all of our energy belittling a group that deserves such universal hatred.

Like people who take half-naked, self-photos in their bathroom.

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